Notice to the Bar Regarding Attorneys Fees in Dismissed Cases

FOR CASES DISMISSED VIA A COURT ORDER PRIOR TO CONFIRMATION, funds on hand will be refunded to the debtor.

FOR CASES DISMISSED AT CONFIRMATION, funds on hand will be returned to the debtor unless debtor’s attorney requests at the time of the hearing that the Dismissal Order include payment from funds held by the Standing Trustee for any balance due on attorney’s fees in the case. The Dismissal Order will specify the amount of attorney’s fees to be paid. If subsequent debtor funds are received by the Trustee, and said additional funds are requested to be paid to the attorney, the debtor’s attorney must seek an Amended Dismissal Order prior to Trustee’s Disbursement.

FOR CASES DISMISSED UPON TRUSTEE’S MOTION TO DISMISS OR TRUSTEE’S CERTIFICATION OF DEFAULT, funds on hand will be disbursed per the Dismissal Order to creditors, including unpaid attorney fees as allowed in the case and specified in the Dismissal Order.

In cases where a Supplemental Fee Application is to be filed, the Application must be filed within 10 days of the dismissal hearing date and the proposed Order must specifically authorize the Standing Trustee to pay all, or a portion of the fee award, from the funds held by the Standing Trustee.