341 Adjournment Policy

The Trustee requires documents to be submitted in advance of, and at, the first scheduled 341 (a) Meeting. CLICK HERE for the NOTICE OF DOCUMENTS REQUIRED IN ADVANCE OF AND AT THE 341(a) MEETING. All 341(a) required/requested documents must be submitted in advance of the 341(a) Meeting in the time referenced on the Notice.

As to any missing documents, the Trustee, at his discretion will, 1) not conduct
the 341 (a) Meeting and reschedule; 2) reserve missing documents as a Confirmation issue, or 3) file a Trustee’s Certification of Default seeking dismissal. With respect to any case where missing documents have been reserved for Confirmation, such documents are required to be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the Confirmation Hearing. The Chapter 13 Trustee, subject to his discretion, will consent to a written adjournment request of the Confirmation Hearing, to a date not exceeding 90 days from the date of the original Confirmation Hearing, on any cases where documents either required prior to the 341, or requested at the 341, have not been received. A ‘Confirmation Adjournment Request Form’, available on the Trustee’s website, must be submitted with the adjournment request. Any further adjournments of the Confirmation Hearing will require a request by Debtor(s) Counsel to the Judge.

For all other 341 (a) adjournment requests due to conflicts, or inability to attend for any other reason, the Trustee will generally authorize 1 adjournment, upon a timely request. CLICK HERE for the 341(a)  Meeting Adjournment Request Form. Any further requests will generally be denied.