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The 341 Adjournment Request Form and process has changed.

Click here to view the updated procedures and link to the form.


Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§1302(b)(1) and 704(7), the Chapter 13 Trustee has a duty, unless otherwise ordered by the Bankruptcy Court, to furnish information concerning the administration of your bankruptcy case as is requested by Parties In Interest.

In furtherance of this duty, the Chapter 13 Trustee will make the following information available to Parties In Interest who request such information through the National Data Center (“NDC”).

1) Your name, address, bankruptcy case number, state and district in which your case is pending, and the trustee assigned to your case. Your social security number will not be viable to Parties In Interest. Furthermore, your employer’s name will not be displayed.

2) Information regarding claims filed against your bankruptcy case including the identity of the claimant, the type of claim (e.g. priority taxes, secured, unsecured, etc.), and the amount of the claim.

3) A history of all payments you make to the Chapter 13 Trustee in your bankruptcy case including the date and amount of each payment.

4) A history of all disbursements made by the Chapter 13 Trustee in your bankruptcy case including the date of the disbursement, the payee, and the amount.

You may review, without charge, review the information about your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case by registering with the NDC.

The URL address where your information is posted is, and is operated by the National Data Center, Inc. You can contact the NDC at 866-938-3639.

Notice of Documents Required in Advance of and at the 341(a) Meeting – UPDATED 1/7/2016

CLICK HERE to review the updated Notice of Documents Required in Advance of and at the 341(a) Meeting.

Changes and additions are shown in red.

341 Meetings Now on Calendar Disposition List

341 Meeting information is now available on the Calendar Disposition List. Click on the CALENDAR DISPOSITION LIST link, above, or go to

Visit the Calendar Disposition List often to find out whether or not your 341 Meeting will be held and, if not, what issues are outstanding.

REMINDER: There are new documents required to be submitted to the Trustee 10 days prior to the 341 Meeting. Refer to this document for more information.

Adjournment Request Form – Updated 10/1/2015

Please note that the court has updated the Adjourment Request Form that is to be used for motion and confirmation hearings.

The new form is located HERE.