Adjournment Request Form – Updated 10/1/2015

Please note that the court has updated the Adjourment Request Form that is to be used for motion and confirmation hearings.

The new form is located HERE.

UPDATE: October Disbursement

October disbursement has been reschedule to Monday, October 5, 2015.

Notice to the Bar Re: Adjournment Requests – UPDATED 8/18/2015

Please CLICK HERE for the new Adjournment Request Policy with regard to D.N.J., LBR 5071-1.

Effective immediately, adjournment requests for Confirmation Hearings or Motions are to be filed with the Trustee’s office using the online document filing system at

CLICK HERE to download the new Adjournment Request Form from the court’s website.

NOTE: FOR 341 ADJOURNMENTS, CLICK HERE to download the form, complete it, and upload it using the online document filing system at

Filing instructions:

1. Download and complete the form (enter ALL information including the date to which you would like the matter adjourned)
2. Save it as a PDF file
3. Go to to upload the completed form to the Trustee’s office (you must sign up for access if you have not already done so) — BE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT DOCUMENT TYPE
4. FOR CONFIRMATION HEARINGS AND MOTIONS: Wait for the CM/ECF notice indicating whether or not the hearing was adjourned and, if it was adjourned, the new date and time, which may be different from the date requested
5. FOR 341 HEARINGS: You will receive a notification from the Trustee’s office as to whether or not the hearing has been adjourned within three (3) business days.

PLEASE NOTE that FOR CONFIRMATION HEARING AND MOTION ADJOURNMENT REQUESTS you WILL NOT receive any direct notification from the Trustee’s office (via email, regular mail, or telephone) that the adjournment request has been granted or denied. You will receive notification via CM/ECF when the adjournment request is processed and filed.


NEW! Updated Notice of Documents Required
in Advance of and at the 341(a) Meeting



This is a reminder that you are REQUIRED to appear at the Meeting of the Creditors on the date and time specified in the “Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditor, & Deadlines” that was mailed to you by the United States Bankruptcy Court. The meeting will be held at the Office of Standing Chapter 13 Trustee, Albert Russo, 1 AAA Drive, Suite 101, Robbinsville, New Jersey. Directions are available at During the Meeting, you will be questioned, under oath, about information contained in your Voluntary Petition, Schedules, and Plan.

The following documents are required to be filed with the court at least ten (10) days prior ot the 341(a) Meeting***

– Complete Chapter 13 Petition, Schedules, Chapter 13 Plan, Plan Transmittal Letter, and Certification of Service (Form 22C and Amended Schedules I & J are required for cases converted from Chapter 7)

The following documents are required to be submitted to the Trustee’s office at least ten (10) days prior to the first scheduled 341(a) Meeting***

  1. Copy of the most recent sixty (60) day payment advices
    • The Trustee reserves the right to request, upon five (5) day notice, a copy of the six (6) month pay advices that were utilized in the calculations on Form 22C.
  2. Complete copy, including all schedules, of your most recently filed Federal Income Tax Return
  3. Copy of bank statements for the sixty (60) day period immediately prior to the filing date of the petition
  4. For all real estate listed on your schedules:
    • Current Market Analysis
    • Copy of deed(s)
    • Payoff statement(s) for lien(s) related to such real estate
    • Evidence of liability insurance for all such real estate
  5. Evidence of liability insurance for all automobiles
  6. Business Cases:
    • Business Case Questionnaire and a six (6) month Profit and Loss Statement

***Failure to timely file Petition, all Schedules, and Chapter 13 Plan with the Bankruptcy Court and provide to the Trustee the required documents ten (10) days prior to the 341(a) Meeting may result in the rescheduling of your 341(a) Meeting and possibly the dismissal of your case.

The following information is required to be provided by you (and your spouse or partner, if the petition is filed jointly) at the 341(a) Meeting.

  1. A VALID form of picture identification [driver’s license, passport, or country identification], which was issued by a governmental agency.
  2. Your Social Security Card or proof of your Social Security Number.

If you are represented by counsel, we recommend that you consult with your counsel and make arrangments for him/her to submit the above information as required. Both petitioner(s) and counsel are reminded that any documents submitted which have sensitive identification issues, including, but not limited to, full Social Security Number and names of minor children, MUST BE REDACTED prior to submission to the Trustee’s office. (Example: tax returns and pay stubs should redact all but the last four (4) digits of the petitioner(s) Social Security Number)

Documents that are required in advance of the 341(a) Meeting must be submitted to the Trustee’s office via the online document filing system located at Any documents that do not fall under the categories listed at can be emailed to and MUST be accompanied by a Document Submittal Form which can be found on the Trustee’s website,

IF YOU ARE REPRESENTING YOURSELF, email the required documents to and be sure to include the Document Submittal Form which can be found on the Trustee’s website,

NEW! Adjournment Request Forms

New adjournment request forms have been posted under the FORMS menu.

These forms are REQUIRED for any case for which a 341(a) Meeting or Confirmation adjournment is requested.

The forms are designed to be completed online, in your browser window, and emailed to our office.

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS that are included with the link to each form.