4/8/2016 Bench Bar Materials

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Employment Opportunity at the Trustee’s Office

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For all cases FILED after 1/1/16, we will require the verification of the filing of 2015 Income Tax Returns. Consistent with the policy previously established, we will not hold up confirmation but include language in the Confirmation Order that the Debtor(s) will provide a copy of the filed 2015 Income Tax Returns prior to 5/31/2016.  The required language to be included as an additional provision in the Order is, “…the debtor(s) shall submit to the Chapter 13 Trustee a copy of the filed Federal Income Tax returns required pursuant to Bankruptcy Code Section 1325(a)(9) and 1308(a).”

Notice of Documents Required in Advance of and at the 341(a) Meeting – UPDATED 1/7/2016

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341 Meetings Now on Calendar Disposition List

341 Meeting information is now available on the Calendar Disposition List. Click on the CALENDAR DISPOSITION LIST link, above, or go to www.russotrustee.com/cdl.

Visit the Calendar Disposition List often to find out whether or not your 341 Meeting will be held and, if not, what issues are outstanding.

REMINDER: There are new documents required to be submitted to the Trustee 10 days prior to the 341 Meeting. Refer to this document for more information.