Update on Chapter 13 Operations in the Trenton Vicinage

As the COVID-19 crisis persists, my office continues remote operations to keep our case administration workflow moving.  We continue to confirm cases, resolve issues, bring motions before the court, and respond to debtor, creditor, and attorney inquiries. Additionally, last Wednesday we made our regular monthly disbursement on schedule. We may be moving a bit slower, and there may be some things that are proving logistically difficult, but we, nevertheless, continue to be very much in the business of administering Chapter 13 cases.

And in the spirit of these continued efforts, we have added an attorney email registration form on our website (click here), as we recognize that the email address that you use for PACER may not be an account that is checked regularly. You can use the new form on our website to register other email addresses to receive our electronic communications. There’s no need to re-register if we have a good email address for you (and if you’re reading this email, then we probably do).

We appreciate the cooperation everyone has shown, and recognize that without it our job would be much more difficult. I thank you all for that.

Looking forward we all hope that the stay at home order will be lifted sooner rather than later and life in New Jersey will get back to normal. Until then, we continue to work to keep cases moving.