3/23/2020 UPDATE: 

Attorneys and clients DO NOT need to be in the same location for their 341(a) meeting via Zoom video conference. 


Effective immediately and until further notice, 341(a) Meetings of Creditors will temporarily be conducted via videoconference.  The structure and criteria of a traditional meeting will still apply, including the requirement for debtor(s) to present appropriate identification.

In order to attend the hearing, you will require access to an appropriate camera, microphone, and speakers. Most modern laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones should be adequately equipped for this purpose; however, should you require additional time to obtain the necessary equipment please request an adjournment.

The trusteeship will be utilizing the Zoom videoconferencing service (https://zoom.us/). If participating by laptop, please visit this website in advance of the meeting to familiarize yourself with the process. If using a tablet or smartphone, please download the “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in advance of the meeting.

Prior to the date of the hearing, the debtor’s attorney will receive an email from the trusteeship containing a case number, scheduled time, and meeting link. Expect to receive this email no later than the end-of-the-day the Tuesday before the hearing. Please be sure to notify your clients they will be attending the meeting in your office and NOT the Trustee’s office in Robbinsville.

At least five minutes before the scheduled time, please click the meeting link, follow the prompts to begin the meeting and activate sound and video, and wait for the hearing to begin. Hearings will be scheduled every fifteen minutes. Due to the rigid nature of this scheduling, it is imperative that you be timely and prepared for your appointed time. Failure to do so may result in the expiration of your timeslot and the meeting not being held. Similarly, due to timing and record keeping requirements, requests to string several meetings together cannot be accommodated.

If you are a creditor who would like to attend a hearing, please contact either the trusteeship or debtor’s counsel to obtain a copy of the link. If you are debtor’s counsel and aware of a creditor who would like to attend, please forward the above email.

If you are a pro se (self-represented) debtor, please contact the trusteeship for either a meeting link or adjournment.

We understand that this is a new and unfamiliar method of conducting hearings, but these are unique times and we must work together to ensure the continuation of the Chapter 13 process. We request your patience as we, too, become comfortable with this new technology, and your cooperation and understanding about its inherent lack of scheduling flexibility.

This is subject to change on short notice, please check www.russotrustee.com regularly.

Should you require assistance with any of the above, please contact support@russotrustee.com.