Updated Calendar Disposition List

We are excited to announce our updated Calendar Disposition List!

Besides the obvious formatting changes, you will find a box at the top right labeled ‘FILTER RESULTS’. This box will filter (not sort) the list by what’s typed in it. For example, if you type a case number (including the dash) in the box, you will see only the matters that are on the calendar for that case. Similarly, if you type a debtor attorney’s last name, you will only that attorney’s matters on the calendar. You will also notice that the matters load the first 50 on the calendar. You can use the drop-down menu at the top left of the list to load more, or all, matters, or you can use the page numbers at the bottom of the list to scroll the the hearings, page-by-page.

The data that displays has not changed; however, in the coming weeks you will notice that the debtor’s payment information will appear at the top of the trustee notes box. We will display that the debtor has made ‘x of y payments’, as well as the amount in arrears, if any.

If you have any questions about, issues with, or suggestions for the Calendar Disposition List, send an email to webadmin @ russotrustee.com